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The Heaven and Earth cycle within the greater cycle is regulated, meaning what has happened will again occur; the Past is evident in the Future but how we experience it, is up to all of us.


As we find ourselves in this unique time of planetary cycles it is opportune to ponder how longevity can be attained and what imperishable structures, study programmes and training preparations can be offered in service to improve life on Earth.

Space exploration is mankind’s destiny, and generations that do not have access to it will be left behind. By the year 2030, $15 trillion in global wealth will be transferred to the next generation and in alignment with the UN 17 SDGs; we would like everyone to experience this splendour of life.


The new generation HMES Sustainable Settlement is modulated and can be established in its entirety or module-by-module as a Space Hub, to address all or some of the objectives of the UN 17 SDGs. By developing the full constellation of 120 independent stations in Southern Africa, we will be encouraging and employing different technologies, scientific discoveries, peace and international cooperation, to ensure the well being of mankind, the natural environment, cyberspace, geospace and space.

Each Sustainable Settlement can consist of:

Phase/Module I: Quantum Training Station for Interstellar Human Exploration addresses overcoming human challenges in the cosmos regarding radiation, shielded habitat systems, behavioural health, and advanced food systems.

Phase/Module II: Intelligent Super Luxury Estate explores the moral, spiritual and judicial qualities of space-faring civilizations as well as ways in which they are realized through architectural structures, buildings, street layouts etc.

Phase/Module III: Bioregenerative Food System includes food production, processing, and preparation


Phase/Module IV: Regional Telescopes for International Deep Space Network are planned to study the Galactic dynamics, asteroids, connect to deep space spacecrafts, scan the sky for asteroids, track orbital debris and support asteroid mining


Phase/Module V: Green Smart Vertical Houses present 10,000 self-sustainable residential dwellings for local population use


Phase/Module VI: Earth Stations from where everything evolves within HMES, generating optimal educational conditions in extraordinary smart schools, workshops, libraries, space academies, hotels, restaurants, gyms, markets, hospitals, stores, indoor parks, lounges etc.


All HMES development and operational steps, from the most complex logistics, to building methods and practices, technological and human systems, will be directed towards raising the awareness of the importance of space science, technology, engineering, mathematics, (STEM) as well as AI learning and creating a paradigm shift in how things have previously functioned. In implementing the new frontiers of technology, yet to be developed; the building process will be a testing ground where mission planners predict the extent of terraforming work, envision safe cosmic human-class habitation, food/water production etc and in doing so create new economic and health conditions on Earth.


GDV/ Developable Area: 1.2M Sq.M.

Land and building construction for a fully modulated HMES Sustainable Settlement is estimated at 2.4 billion Euros. It is also possible to develop individual modules or a combination of modules rather than all of the modules in one development.


Estimated Economic Impact in South Africa

During Construction


GDP growth: 1.5% pa

Wage flow: R660.90 million pa


Over the long term


GDP growth: 0.25% pa

Wage flows: R120.00 million pa


Job creation


240,000 jobs are expected during the construction phase for one HMES Sustainable Settlement


The number of jobs during the long term, fully operational 120 HMES developments is estimated at 5,000,000.


Public and private partnerships and investors are sought for capital and operational investment for HMES Sustainable Settlements for residential, commercial, space industry, education and property development.


We invite all partners to experience together in fulfillment of the UN 17SDGs.

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